The Shapers - Seaweed Gardener


80 years old "with 9 lives", no pension or family, she tends to her life's work of seaweed gardening. Youthful spirit, bright eyes, back permanently hunched, yet nimble fingered, she lives purposefully and delicately tending to the ocean's greenery for a living.

Grey days banished by Java, K's.jpg


Upon a dreary wet day walking the rice paddies of Bali, two wildly colourful, Java Kingfishers came to say hello. 
Brightening the view, as well as my lack lustre spirit. Stoked. 


Tokyo, where all is alive, reassuring characters, sound effects and wherever you can squeeze it in, a pot plant to a tree lined park. Yet one day I felt a pang of loneliness, whilst shuttling along by train. An old lady sat alongside me, the only one not on a smartphone, reached into her bag, gave me a nudge, a smile and offered me a sweet. It's the little things.


To travel. Wander. Observe. Energy shifts from the guidance of purpose to curiosity. Looking. Note and picture taking, trying to grasp the feeling, the atmosphere that will surely pass. Yet these moments, cannot be caught. However, the mind is marked. People passing through, laughter, wisdom, experiences and utter nonsense shared, It's these ungraspable moments I wish to draw. How they look today. The impressions made, an ode, a thank-you to The Shapers. Visually remembered. Utterly inaccurate.

This is an ongoing series I will be adding to over the next coming months.